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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Happy Place Part 1

I have a file of 350 pictures that I have taken at Farmington Bay that I used to create a DVD slideshow to show at the Farmington Bay Nature Center. I was looking through those pictures tonight and decided to share them. It will be in several posts because there are so many of them. I think you will see why Farmington Bay is my Happy Place, or at least one of my top 5 happy places.

One of the many Scout groups I have worked with over the years. These guys were pulling weeds and planting Salt Grass in the berms at the Nature Center parking lot.
A Killdeer luring us away from it's nest
A view of Antelope Island from Goose Egg Island
Even the bugs are beautiful

I think they are all very optimistic


Salicornia Utahensis Utah Pickleweed grows in the alkaline soil of the Great Salt Lake wetlands and is just as colorful in the fall as the oak-brush on the mountains
White-faced Ibis

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Barn Owl
Eared Grebe
This Great Egret stayed well into January a few years ago 

Long-billed Dowitchers
American Avocet

Ring-necked Pheasant
I hope you all enjoy these pictures of one of the most beautiful places I know.


Little GrumpyAngel said...

You have some pretty awesome nature photos here! My favorite is the great egret (?) flapping her/his wings. That one could be a National Geographic spread. Great job.

Israel Palero said...

This is like a painting! A work of art indeed!