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Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 2013 Bird of the Month Tundra Swan

Tundra Swan coming in for a landing
The Tundra Swan nests on the Northern Tundras of North America and winters along the coasts of the United States and many winter in the wetlands of the Great Salt Lake. Once the duck hunt is over in Mid January the Tundra Swans start showing up in large numbers at Farmington Bay. Before that they can be seen in large groups on the Great Salt Lake and other areas on the Northern end of Great Salt Lake.

Tundra Swans, Pintails, Canada Geese and Gulls at Farmington Bay
I never saw a Swan in the wild until I started Volunteering at Farmington Bay. The day I took most of these pictures in February of 2008 I had to get out of the house. I had spent 3 days in the hospital with pneumonia, I had been home for a few days and was still weak but feeling better and needed some air and sun. I went out to Farmington Bay and took about 300 pictures of the swans.

Tundra Swans, Green-winged Teal and Pintails
The Swan in the center of the picture is a Bewick's race Tundra Swan. Notice the larger yellow patches on the face. Each year we get one or two Bewick's Swans.
Tundra Swans with Canvasbacks, Pintails and Ring-billed Gulls
Swans at Bear River Bird Refuge