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Saturday, April 30, 2011

May 2011 Bird of the Month American Robin

The Early Bird Gets the Worm, robins are often seen on lawns pulling worms out of the ground then taking them to their nest to feed their babies
Though theY were named after the European Robin for its rufous breast which is a flycatcher they are no relation. American robins are of the Thrush Family and are related to Bluebirds and other Thrushes. In fact the American Robin is more closely related to the Common Blackbird of Europe than the European Robin

Though Robin's main diet is worms and other invertebrates but during the winter Robins eat berries. In my yard they eat juniper berries during winter months
Robins are year round residents of Utah
In my opinion the American Robin is one of the most photogenic birds.

Starting in April, several hours before the sun rises you can hear the Robins singing, it is a sure sign spring has come
Robins can have three successful broods of chick a year.
The Male Robin has a much darker head and deeper red breast than the female with more pronounced eye ring

Female Robin

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Great Robin photos. I'm jealous.