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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Early Spring Birding at Farmington Bay

Great Blue Heron
Trying to be invisible this Canada Goose is setting her nest
Pair of Northern Shovelers
Gadwall Drake
American Avocets
Song Sparrow
Ring-necked Pheasant Rooster
Cinnamon Teal Drakes
Snowy Egret

Great Blue Heron
Odd Couple
I got excited yesterday I stopped at the Nature Center to look at the board where they write down birds seen for the month. Listed there was Cackling goose, so I set out to look for it because that would be a new life bird for me. I found this pair, clearly one goose is much smaller but consulting my field guides my opinion is that this is not a Cackling goose but a Lesser Canada Goose. A Cackling Goose has a much shorter neck and is even smaller than this goose. I welcome and would love any comments on this Goose.
Double Crested Cormorant Drying its wings
This is the most pronounced red mark I have ever seen on a Coots forehead
Western Grebe Pair
Canvasback Drake 
Double Crested Cormorant
Snowy Egrets were abundant and several were quite cooperative to have their pictures taken
This Great-tailed Grackle was quite vocal and let everyone know he was in charge.
Black-billed Magpie

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