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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

American Robin and The Common or Eurasian Blackbird

Common or Eurasian Black Bird
American Robin

My amateur observation of these 2 thrushes that look nothing alike but in my observation their behavior and vocalizations are very similar.

On my first evening in Germany I took a walk through a park and bicycle path to do some birding. The second bird I saw was the Common Blackbird. Later after walking for about an hour and it was getting dark I heard in the bushes a familiar sounding call. It sounded like the call of an excited American Robin. Since I didn't see the bird I assumed it might be a European Robin, a bird I later found in my opinion to not have much in common with the American Robin. The next day I walked through the  Nuremberg Cemetery and there found that the bird I heard the night before and assumed to be a European Robin was actually the Common Blackbird. 
Common Blackbird bathing in a puddle
American Robin in my backyard
European Robin
Throughout the remainder of our visit I watched the Blackbirds birds fly over in groups, forage on lawns and gardens just like our American Robin.

Though they don't look a lot alike I found them to be very close in sound and behavior. I would love comments from any of you who is more familiar with both of these species than I am.

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john said...

Hello Steve, Both American Robins and Eurasian Blackbirds are (Turdus) Thrushes. European Robins and other American Thrushes like Hermit Thrushes are not Turdus Thrushes.
In many parts of the world there are similar Turdus Thrushes like Olive Thrush in Africa, Great Thrush, and Clay-colored Thrushes etc. of the Neotropics. There are many, many species, similar in appearance or sound to American Robins.