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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Pictures of European Birds

I took over 2000 pictures on our trip to Germany and Italy, after we got home I sorted them and placed them in files according to place. The bird pictures I sorted by species, in doing so I found some pictures I had missed including in my prior posts so here are some more pictures of birds. Not the greatest pictures but the best I've got. It was such a wonderful holiday and for me was like two holidays. one visiting the different cities and spending time with Nery my daughter and her fiancee and his family, which I have posted on our family blog. The other is the three days spent birding.
Wood Pigeon
Eurasian Tree Sparrow, looks a lot like the House Sparrow but notice the black mark on the cheek
Willow Warbler
Common Moorhen 
Magpie, looks a lot like our black-billed Magpie but smaller and the voice is different
Long-tailed Tit
European Goldfinch

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