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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bird number 300 on my life list and more European Birding

Bird number 300 on my life list is the Black Redstart seen first in Como Italy
I have been able to do some more birding and have added 8 new birds to my life list since my last post. I counted my life birds and found that the Black Redstart I spotted in Como Italy is number 300 on my life list.

I have found birds here much more difficult to approach than in Utah, making getting pictures rather difficult. The only bird that is easily approached is the Great Tit and they often buzz me while I am birding. Here is a list of birds seen including new life birds, a couple of mystery geese and a few more pictures.
*Common Magpie
Blue Tit
Common Raven
Great Tit
Common Blackbird
European Robin quite common but very skiddish very difficult to photograph
Wood Pigeon
Black Redstart quite common but very difficult to approach.
*Common Buzzard
*Great Cormorant
*Graylag Goose
In this group of Graylag Geese were a couple of hybrids one looks like a possible Canada Goose or Barnacle Goose hybrid, I don't know, if any one can shed some light please leave a comment.
Canada or Barnacle Goose hybrid?
Domestic/Bean Goose Hybrid?
Eurasian Jay quite common but not nearly as bold as Scrub Jays back home they are quite difficult to approach.
Eurasian Nuthatch very common and quite approachable
 *Eurasian Coot
*Great Spotted Woodpecker
*Marsh Tit
*Sparrow Hawk
Carrion Crow
Common Raven
House Sparrow
Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Juvinile Common Moorhen
Adult Common Moorhen


john said...

Congratulations on bird #300. Reading your European posts has made me realize that there is a major gap in my field guide collection. I dont have a guide to the birds of Europe. Which one did you use?
There is a domestic goose of African origin. Your photo of the second domestic hybrid looks like it could be from that strain.

Ruth & Royce said...

Amazing pictures Steve! I had no idea you were so into birding.

Royce Veater

rosanne said...

Hey Steve,

Your pictures are truly amazing! They should be published in a magazine -- they are that good! You are so very skilled in so many ways -- it's very impressive.

Rosanne and Maurice