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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Plethora of Pintails

There is something awe-inspiring to me to watch waterfowl land and take off. I must not be the only one because a lot of paintings I have seen of waterfowl are of them either landing or taking off.

I went out to Farmington Bay yesterday to look for a Hudsonian Godwit that has been sighted out there this week. I didn't see the Godwit but there were a lot of waterfowl. I came upon this large group of mostly Northern Pintails with a few American Wigeons included as they were feeding on salicornia (picleweed) on this playa.
They were very active working the playa feeding on the mineral rich pickle weed.

A few American Wigeons mingled with the large number of Pintails

I sat and watched them for about ten minutes and took over a hundred pictures. Then as I started to drive off they all got up. Very nervous because this is after all the hunting season. Though these birds are safe where they are at, they are in the Waterfowl rest area. No hunting allowed in this area of Farmington Bay. Unless of coarse you are shooting with a canon or nikon etc.

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