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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Favorite Birds of Prey Photos

Red-tailed Hawk, I felt very fortunate to have gotten this picture one of my over all favorites.
None of these pictures are new, I'm pretty sure I have posted most if not all these pictures before. I haven't been able to get out for a while and today was the first measurable snow storm of the year for the Wasatch Front. Winter is always a good time to view Birds of Prey so I thought I would post some of my favorite Birds of Prey photos.
I have hundreds of Bald Eagle photos but this one is probably the best.
Northern Harriers are the most abundant hawk at Farmington Bay in the winter months
Not only my favorite Kestrel photo but one of my favorites of all my photos. A better camera and lens would have made this photo extraordinary, I like the sunflowers and white background that make this bird really stand out. I felt very fortunate to capture this bird as it took off. This Kestrel took off from the sunflower swooped across the road and caught a meadow vole.
It was New Years Day 2008 my brother in law and I had been looking at the assortment of waterfowl at the Kaysville Ponds. On the way to take him home driving through a neighborhood perched on a power pole was this Merlin. He patiently sat there and let me take 20 or more pictures.
New Years day 2007 we saw 9 Short-eared Owls 
There was an eruption of Barn Owls in 2007, unfortunately it was a cold rough year for the Owls and many did not make it. I occasionally see them but no where close the the numbers of the winter of 2007.
I have seen Great Horned Owls at Farmington Bay but unable to photograph any of them. The only Great Horned Owls I have photographed were at the ranch at Antelope Island
While I have seen many Prairie Falcons at Farmington Bay this is the only one I was able to photograph. I took this picture in 2007.
I have taken a lot of photos of Red-tailed Hawks this is the only breeding adult I have photographed.
I think the Northern Rough-legged Hawk is the most beautifully marked of all the buteos. 
I took this picture in my backyard. This Sharp-shinned Hawk took advantage of my bird feeders. though when he comes and takes a bird from my yard it quiets things down at my feeders for a while he is not unwelcome. I'm always excited to see a Sharpie in my yard.
Not a winter bird the Swainson's Hawks have all flown south for the winter. This bird was one of two that were hatched in our neighborhood this year making it 5 years in a row that Swainson's Hawks have nested successfully in my neighborhood.
Not that crazy about winter but birds of Prey make the cold months much more tolerable.

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Great photos, especially that Kestrel.