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Sunday, October 30, 2011

November 2011 Bird of the Month Hermit Thrush

This picture was taken in October of 2010

The Hermit Thrush is a fairly plain looking bird, shades of gray and brown, spotted breast and a rufous tail that it often wags or flicks up and down. Like it's distant cousin the American Robin I find this member of the Thrush family quite photogenic.

My first sighting of a Hermit Thrush many years ago was at the spring at fielding Garr Ranch on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. I usually will see Hermit thrush every time I visit there. They are late migrators and I often see them into December.

Hermit Thrush stay low in thickets flitting about I rarely see them higher in the trees than eye level. They often forage on the ground. This bird is showing its rufous tail.
Hermit Thrush seem to be as interested in me as I am them. I have found them one of the easiest birds to photograph. This picture was taken October of 2011
I often see Hermit Thrush in my yard during migration, I am always exited to have them visit.
I added this back shot to so how it looks from behind, although the lighting doesn't show the rufous in its tail very well
One of my favorite birds the Hermit Thrush is my pick for November Bird of the Month

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