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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Swainson's Hawks

For the last 5 years and maybe even longer we have had Swainson's Hawks nest in our Neighborhood. Our Neighbor has several very large Chinese Elm Trees in his yard that they nest in. Some winters we have Rough-legged Hawks that roost in the same trees.

Each Year about the second week of April the pair arrive and start patrolling the neighborhood. I used to have an Umbrella Cockatoo that was sitting on our swing while I was mowing our lawn one time and just about became dinner for the pair.

The parents have now left or at least I haven't seen them for a couple of weeks but their two offspring are currently keeping our neighborhood free of vermin.
Sunday they visited my backyard and I was able to get some nice pictures of them.
Here are some pictures of this years brood.

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john said...

Wonderful photos Steve. I really enjoy reading your blog posts.