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Friday, August 5, 2011

August Bird of the Month Eastern Kingbird

Kingbirds are interesting birds to watch, standing post at the top of a bush or bare branch of a tree waiting for an insect to fly within their well guarded territory then fly up catch the insect and fly back to their chosen post.

A pair of Eastern Kingbirds watching for food and defending their territory from intruders
I have watched Eastern Kingbirds chase off much bigger birds even hawks and jays that enter their territory. 

The Eastern Kingbird has a black head and back, white throat, breast and belly with a white terminal stripe on it's black tail
A large dark flycatcher of fields and other open areas, the Eastern Kingbird is a common and widespread species. Despite its name, its range extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.

Eastern Kingbirds are regular summer visitors to Farmington Bay and in fact seem to be increasing in numbers there each year.

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