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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winter Finches

In the winter I put up my Nyger feeders to attract the small finches. It seems to vary from year to year what finches will show up. American Goldfinches can always be counted on but Pine Siskins and Lesser Goldfinches are not as predictable. Four years ago I had a lot of Pine Siskins and American Goldfinches but I had never seen a Lesser Goldfinch. The next winter and I didn't see any Pine Siskins but I had Lesser Goldfinches from January until June along with American Goldfinches. Last year I only had American Gold Finches no Lessers or Pine Siskins. This year so far I have the reliable American Gold finches and the Pine Siskins are back but no sign of Lesser Goldfinches. In addition I have had more Spotted Towhees this year than ever before. Here are some pictures of the Pine Siskins and American Goldfinches.

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dave and catie said...

that teal color really makes the bird's color stand out. nice post