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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Farmington Bay Feb. 20 and 21 seemed more like the middle of March

I spent several hours Friday and today at Farmington Bay doing Cub Scout workshops and it looked more like the middle of March than February out there.Both days we saw:

American White Pelicans in large numbers hundred plus

Tundra Swans

Bald Eagles

Northern Harriers

Northern Rough-legged Hawk

American Kestrels

Red-tailed hawk

Great Blue Herons (This morning on the Rookery north of the Nature Center)

Song Sparrows

White-crowned Sparrows

Red-winged Blackbirds

Northern Pintails

Ruddy Duck

Northern Shovelers


Green-wing Teal

Canada Goose

Pied Billed Grebe

American Coot

Ring-billed Gull

California Gull

Glaucous Gull

Herring Gull

Ring-necked Pheasant

Western Meadow Lark

American Avocet

Why I said it seemed like March, I always drive through with my windows down so I can listen as well as look and this morning the Song Sparrows, Red-wing Blackbirds and Meadow Larks were singing their hearts out and this is the earliest I have seen American Avocets out there. Usually my first sighting each year is on Swan Day the second weekend of March.

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