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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I posted yesterday that I am having Pine Siskins at my feeders this year, well that was an understatement they are showing up by the dozens. The Pine Siskins the last couple of days have out numbered the American Goldfinches. This may not seem like much but for my yard it is a real difference. In past years I have been lucky to see 5 or 6 Pine Siskins at a time and not day after day. Watching them today I noticed that as they defended their spot at the feeders they flashed their wings showing off their brilliant yellow coloration that is usually not that visable. It was quite interseting to me to watch their behavior and to see them in all their glory. Here are some pictures of them showing their colors.

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dave and catie said...

Again, what sweet pictures. Did you have to manipulate the images much to get those colors so bright, or is it the contrasting teal feeder?