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Thursday, July 4, 2013

July bird of the Month Yellow Warbler

My first sighing of this beautiful little warbler I was taking a walk at Farmington Bay at the South entrance. I was all alone except for the birds and a little yellow bird came out and perched on the willows bordering the road. He was not shy at all and lead me quite a ways down the road. 
I have seen Yellow Warblers in several different habitats, I have seen them flitting about in the cattails, in shrubs along streams and high in cottonwood trees at rest stops in in the trees in my backyard. I always know when they are around by their song Sweet Sweet I'm so sweet.
One of my favorite sightings of Yellow Warblers several years ago I took a couple of my neighbors who are not birds birding at Pineview reservoir. There was some road construction and as we sat waiting our turn to move on I could hear Yellow warblers in the scrub oak up the hill from the road. I told my friends to watch the scrub oak and I started pishing. Out came several Yellow Warbles, this really impressed my friends. They were amazed at the little yellow birds, they had now idea we had birds that beautiful where we live. 
Yellow warblers are the only warbler that is yellow over it's entire body. Males have reddish streaks on the breast. They are found over the entire 48 states. Yellow warblers I have read are one of the most common victims of the parasitic nesting Cowbirds who they their eggs in the Yellow Warblers nests. 

Cute in appearance as well as personality Yellow warbles are one of my favorite birds.

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john said...

We have Yellow Warblers up here in Alaska as well and thankfully, no cowbirds.