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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cowbirds, Cattle Egrets and More

Brown-headed Cowbirds 
I took about an hour this morning before church and drove over to Farmington Bay. It was fairly quiet but I did see a few birds. here are some pictures.

Male and Female Cowbirds

Cattle Egrets living up to their name.

Yellow-headed Blackbird
The White-faced Ibis one Great Blue Heron and a Killdeer were the only wading/shorebirds I saw this morning
Thistle and Phragmites 
Birds Seen
White-faced Ibis
Yellow-headed Cowbird
Red-winged Blackbird
Common Yellowthroat
Marsh Wren
American Coots
American White Pelican
Forsters Tern
Caspian Tern
Canada Goose
Mourning Dove
Chipping Sparrow
House Sparrow
Song Sparrow
Brown-headed cowbird
Cattle Egret
Barn Swallow
Black-billed Magpie
Pied-billed Grebe
Great Blue Heron

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