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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2011 Birds of the Month

January 2011 Northern Harrier
Several years ago I took a road trip to Illinois with my family, at a rest stop in Nebraska there was a stuffed Black-crowned Night Heron mounted in a glass case. I was admiring it when the lady in the small gift shop said "oh you like our bird". I told her yes and that we have many Black-crowned Night Herons where I live. She asked where I come from, I told her Northern Utah and that I was a volunteer naturalist at Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area on the shore of the Great Salt Lake. She was amazed that we had shore birds in Utah. She said she thought Utah was just a big desert void of life. 

One of the reasons I do this spotlight each month and select a Bird of the Month to spotlight is to show the great diversity of birds that live here in Utah especially around the Great Salt Lake. The Great Salt Lake is such an important area for migrating and nesting birds that it is a Western Hemisphere preserve. I love Utah, the Great Salt Lake and Farmington Bay which has been my playground since I was a child. I hope those of you who visit my blog enjoy the birds and the place.

February 2011 Sharp-shinned Hawk
March 2011 Short-eared Owl 
April 2011 Barn Owl
May 2011 American Robin
June 2011 Willet
July 2011 Brown-headed Cowbird
August 2011 Eastern Kingbird
September 2011 Yellow-rumped Warbler
October 2011 Horned Lark
November 2011 Hermit Thrush
December 2011 Redhead Duck

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john said...

Speaking of barren deserts, parts of western Peru never get rain. There are no plants at all outside of some dry washes connected to the Andes Mountains. There are many birds that manage to survive even on the barren hillsides and flats. You have great photos of many things that I have no photos, or poor photos of them.