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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 2010 Bird of the Month Cinnamon Teal

A Cinnamon Teal about to take off
In my opinion one of the most striking ducks the Cinnamon Teal is my selection for Bird of the Month for June. Though one of the most abundant summer ducks at Farmington Bay, I was in my 40's before I ever saw one and it was one of the first birds I identified and added to my life list when I started keeping it.
Males courtship display for the females
As I guide tours of scouts at Farmington Bay and point out the Cinnamon Teal, they are often amazed that we have such an exotic looking duck here in Northern Utah. Though they usually migrate out of the area by mid to late September I have seen a few winter over the last few years.
Cinnamon Teal at Farmington Bay in February

Some more pictures of Cinnamon Teal

Cinnamon Teal



Adult Description

  • Small duck.
  • Large light blue patches on front of wing, visible in flight.
  • Male has bright cinnamon red head and body.

Male Description

Breeding (Alternate) Plumage: Bright cinnamon head and body plumage. Dark rump, tail, and undertail. Upper wing with light-blue patch with white rear border. Back of wing iridescent green. Eyes red.
Eclipse (Basic) Plumage: Gray-brown overall, with rusty wash. Small white area at base of bill. Eyes red.

Female Description

Gray-brown overall, with small white area at base of bill. Bill dark. Light-blue upper wing patch with narrow white border. Back of wing mostly brown, with little green.

Immature Description

Similar to adult female.

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Marivic said...

Wow! That's a gorgeous bird! I've never seen one. In fact, I don't remember seeing a picture of one before. Thanks for posting this and educating us and helping us develop more appreciation for nature. Very interesting blog!