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Sunday, May 3, 2009


My Bird of the Month for May had to be the busy little Marsh Wren. When ever you enter a wetland in the spring you are sure to hear the chattering of the little Marsh Wren within the cattails and bullrush. Heard a lot more than seen this busy Little bird has a lot to say and I have found it to be one of the most responsive birds to "pishing".

Often the only glimpses you get are of this tiny bird fluttering around the cattails. One day last spring I was bound and determined to get some pictures of these little guys so I sat in the middle of some grease wood for about 30 minutes and waited. Well here they came and close enough to get some nice shots and it was only then I was able to see how beautifully they are marked. Here are some of those pictures along with a couple of Ruby Crowned Kinglets that were a bonus that day. They were flitting around the Grease wood while I was watching the Marsh Wrens. Enjoy.

Marsh Wren Adult Description
Small brown bird with thin bill.
Tail often held upright.
Dark cap.
Whitish eye line.
Bold black-and-white streaks on back.
Buffy flanks, whitish chest.
Immature Description Juvenile similar to adult, but lacks bold streaking on back and has only an indistinct eye stripe.
Similar Species
Sedge Wren has similar streaks on back, but is paler, has a paler, streaked crown, and has a less distinct eye stripe.

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dave&catie said...

i LOVE these pictures
of the birds on
the looks
so cool.

i think i'm jealous of your camera.
i really like using it on saturday.
thanks again.

love catie