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Monday, December 15, 2008

Bird of the Month The Bufflehead Duck

The smallest diving duck in North America, the Bufflehead breeds in ponds and small lakes in Canada, and winters in much of the United States. Buffleheads are common during the winter in the Great Salt Lake Wetlands like Farmington Bay.
Some cool facts
The Bufflehead nests almost exclusively in holes excavated by Northern Flickers.
Unlike most ducks, the Buffleheads are usually monogamous.

Size: 32-40 cm (13-16 in)
Wingspan: 55 cm (22 in)
Weight: 272-635 g (9.6-22.42 ounces)

Sex Differences:
Male with white sides, black back and head, and large white patch on head. Female duller and darker, with gray sides and small white patch on head.
Similar to adult female, with less distinct ear patch.
Similar Species:
Male Hooded Merganser has a large white patch on head, but has brown sides.

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dave and catie said...

I'm loving the bird of the month idea. It will help me get acquainted with more species.
Its cool that you get to use your own pictures as well.