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Monday, April 1, 2013

April 2013 Bird of the Month Killdeer

The Killdeer is a handsome Plover that can be found in several different habitats. Though it is a shore bird and can be found on the shores of lakes and ponds it can also be found on grassy areas of parks and golf courses, fields, and parking lots. Killdeer are common at Farmington Bay and on the shore of the Great Salt Lake. 
Killdeer are permanent residents of the Great Salt Lake Wetlands. One of the first pictures I ever took of a bird was in January 1977 having just returned from 2 years in the philippines I went with my dad to Farmington Bay to take pictures. I took a picture on a cold and foggy day of a very cold and lonely looking Killdeer in a small pond. It was a great picture that hung in my KFC restaurant for many years. I have long ago left KFC and lost the picture but not the memory of that day.

Killdeer often nest on the gravel shoulder of the Nature Center Parking Lot
Speckled Eggs in a gravel nest
Always running along the parking lot calling Kill-Deer, Kill Deer getting very nervous if anyone or anything gets close tho their nest they will try to lure you away from the nest.
They will fake a broken wing making themselves look like easy prey distracting predators way from the nest.
Wading feeding on aquatic invertebrates.
Searching for insects in grassy areas.

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