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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Labor Day at Farmington Bay

American White Pelican and Canada Geese, I was not quite fast enough to catch a shot of the Pelican biting the head of the goose that got just a little to close to the Pelicans little island. 
Pelicans were abundant and active they are great subjects to photograph
Pelicans cooperative feeding on Glover Pond
A view from Goose-egg Island toward the Northwest, there were Snowy Egret, Canada Geese, White-faced Ibis and Blue Heron
Snow Egret with the Heron Rookery in the background. The Power company came out a couple of weeks ago to replace some of the poles of the rookery that were blown over last winter during a wind storm. However they were unable to proceed when they found several not quite ready to fledge baby Barn Owls in the nest box. The Poles will be replaced at a later date.
A view from Goose-egg Island of Northern Harriers hunting, or are they?

Are they hunting, fighting for territory or just playing?
Snowy Egrets are common at Farmington Bay but their numbers seem greater this year than most, and Cattle Egrets I have never seen as many as I have this year.
This is where it all starts here at Farmington Bay, the water is full of life. There are abundant invertebrates, mollusks, frogs and fish in addition to the vegetation. There were many minnows but hard to see them in the picture. 
The big pond on the nature trail. With such a great riparian area at the east end of the pond I have always wondered why the Egrets and Herons don't nest here. After my trip to Greeley Colorado last spring when I saw hundreds of Egrets and Herons nesting in trees at a city park I have wondered why in this what seems to be a perfect spot they don't nest in these trees.
More of the big pond
Viewing Decks on the big pond

This was encouraging, this Great Blue Heron was sitting in the trees at the east end of the pond
A Muskrat in the big pond
These next pictures are of the beautiful late summer flowers on the Nature Trail

Cattails and Showy Goldeneye
Hard-stem Bullrush, Sunflowers and Cattails 
The yellow flowers are Curley-cup Gumweed, I don't know the name of the purple flowers but they are beautiful.
Double-crested Cormorant
This canal runs along the south part of the Nature Trail and has been the source of some great birding over the years.
Great Blue Heron 
It was a beautiful day at Farmington Bay a place I seem to be finding harder and harder to get to. 

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