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Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Milestone

My biggest milestone this year birding-wise was to have finally reached 300 birds on my life list. What made it even more awesome for me was that I got my 300th bird The Black Redstart in Como Italy. On our trip to Europe I logged over 30 new life birds.
MY 300th Bird the Black Redstart first seen in Como Italy. This photo was taken in Weihern Germany

My next milestone thanks to my wonderful wife Nery, yesterday we reached 3000 hits on this blog. I have had hits from every state in the US and so many countries around the world, on all of the continents except Antarctica. 

My thanks to Nery for spreading the word and my thanks to all of you for taking time to look at my Birding Blog.

If you are not a birder I hope it has helped you have a greater appreciation for the important roles birds play in our world and for their beauty.

Here are a few of my favorite photos this year
Great Tit Nuremberg Germany
Blue Tit Nuremberg Germany
Hermit Thrush Antelope Island Great Salt Lake Utah

Blue-winged Teal Farmington Bay Utah
Long-billed Curlew Antelope Island Great Salt Lake Utah
California Gull Eating Brine Flies on Antelope Island
Snowy Egret Farmington Bay Utah
Cinnamon Teal Farmington Bay Utah

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john said...

Years ago in Mexico, I ran into some fellow birders and the conversation turned to bird life lists. One woman casually mentioned that she had 500 some birds on her list. As a beginning birder myself, I was astounded by that number. I thought to myself that I would quit counting them at the 500 mark because it would be impossible to keep track of that many birds anyway.
It turns out that I was able to remember them all up to the first 1000 species. I bet that with enough time, I could still name at least 95% of the 1,400+ that I have enjoyed seeing. Keep on birdin.