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Monday, February 15, 2010

Eagle Day at Farmington Bay

Liberty from Hogle Zoo visiting for Eagle Day

I spent most of Friday this weekend at Farmington Bay guiding tours and instructing a Cub Scout class. There were about 150 eagles around most of them would not allow a close approach and most of them were on the east side inside the gates and required a mile walk to get to them. On Saturday for Eagle Day we had some nice activities at the nature Center, Hawk Watch brought a Swainson's Hawk and a  Red-tail Hawk, Hogle Zoo brought Liberty their Bald Eagle from the Bird Show. As far as wild Eagles there were a few out on the ice though for easy viewing though a spotting scope. In addition to eagles I saw my first American Avocets of the season, my second ever Lesser Black-backed Gull, several flights of Common Mergansers, a hundred or so American Crows hanging with the Eagles eating scraps, and some nice views of Red-tailed  Hawks. Here are a few pictures of the Red-tails.

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