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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Last December I decided to spotlight a different bird species every month, it's hard to believe that a whole year has already gone by. Here is a list of 2009's birds of the month including last December which was the first month I spot lighted a bird.

December 2008 Bufflehead

  January 2009 Merlin

  February 2009 Cedar Waxwing

  March 2009 American White Pelican

 April 2009 American Wigeon

  May 2009 Marsh Wren

 June 2009 American Avocet

 June 2009 Black-necked Stilt

 July 2009 Bald Eagle

  August 2009 Western Scrub Jay

  September 2009 Wilson's Phalarope

 October 2009 Loggerhead Shrike

November 2009 Black-capped Chickadee

December 2009 House Finch

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